Technical Papers:
Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_1

Title: Singapore Case Histories on Performance of Piles Subjected to Tunnelling-Induced Soil Movement

Authors: WM Cham

Page: 128-148

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International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories
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ISSN # 1790-2045
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Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_2

Title: Case Histories of Bored Tunnelling Below Buildings in Singapore Downtown Line

Authors: KH Goh, SSG Ng and KC Wong

Page: 149-161

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Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_3

Title: Stacked Tunnelling Induced Surface Settlements in Soft Soil

Authors: GT Senthilnath and D Velu

Page: 162-175

Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_0

Title: Editorial

Authors: SC Chian and KK Phoon

Page: 126-127

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Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_4

Title: Reclamation and Safety of High Cantilever Strong Box Pipe Pile Seawall in Marine Clay

Authors: KK Soh, TT Wai, L Yeo and PK Lim

Page: 176-189

Paper ID: IJGCH_3_3_5

Title: General Behaviour of Braced Excavation in Bukit Timah Granite Residual Soils

Authors: W Zhang and ATC Goh

Page: 190-202