Technical Papers:
Paper ID: IJGCH_3_2_1

Title: Discussion of: Ground Improvement Using Preloading with Prefabricated Vertical Drains.

Authors: Bengt H. Fellenius

Page: 67-72

Paper ID: IJGCH_3_2_2

Title: Mangla Dam Raising: Effectiveness of Seepage Reduction Measures for Sukian Dyke.

Authors: Jehan Zeb, Tahir M. Hayat, Aziz Akbar, M. Azam

Page: 73-84

Paper ID: IJGCH_3_2_3

Title: Stability Analyses of the 1981 San Luis Dam Slide.

Authors: Ashok K. Chugh, D.V. Griffiths

Page: 85-112

Paper ID: IJGCH_3_2_4

Title: Preliminary Field Assessment of Sinkhole Damage in, Pokhara, Nepal.

Authors: Rama Mohan Pokhrel, Takashi Kiyota, Reiko Kuwano, Gabriele Chiaro, Toshihiko Katagiri, Itsuro Arai

Page: 113-125

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