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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_2_2

Underpassing of Angel Underground by London Ring Main Extension Tunnel

Authors: Benoît Jones

Page: 105-126

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International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories
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ISSN # 1790-2045
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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_2_3

Title: Mississippi River Levee Failures: June 2008 Flood

Authors: Michelle Bernhardt, Jean-Louis Briaud, Dongkyun Kim, Mathieu Leclair, Rune Storesund, Seok-Gyu Lim, Robert G. Bea, J. David Rogers

Page: 127-162
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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_2_4

Title: Quarry- Induced Slope Instability at a Broadcasting Transmission Plant near Valcava, Lombardia, Italy

Authors: Monica Barbero, Fabrizio Barpi

Page: 163-181
Paper ID: IJGCH_2_2_1

Title: Ground Improvement using Pre-loading with Prefabricated Vertical Drains

Authors: Ashutosh Sutra Dhar, Abu Siddique, Syed Fakrul Ameen

Page: 86-104
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