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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_1_1

Title: Behavior of anchored walls in soils overlying rock in Stockholm

Authors: Jianqin Ma, Bo Berggren, Per-Evert Bengtsson, Hakan Stille, Staffan Hintze

Page: 1-23
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Title: Rockfall and Subsidence on Mumbai – Pune Expressway

Authors: Kishor Kumar, P. Subramanya Prasad, Sudhir Mathur, Shivashish Kimothi

Page: 24-39
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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_1_3

Title: Time Dependent Deformations in Squeezing Tunnels

Authors: Giovanni Barla, Mariacristina Bonini, Daniele Debernardi

Page: 40-65
Paper ID: IJGCH_2_1_0

Title: Editorial

Authors: Devendra Narain Singh

Page: i
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Paper ID: IJGCH_2_1_4

Assessment of stability conditions of ancient underground quarries using on-site monitoring and numerical modeling

Anna Maria Ferrero, Andrea Segalini

Page: 66-85