Technical Papers:
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_4_1

Title: Seismological and geotechnical aspects of the Mw=6.3 l’Aquila earthquake in
central Italy on 6 April 2009

Authors: Giuseppe Lanzo, Giuseppe Di Capua, Robert E. Kayen, D. Scott Kieffer,
Edward Button, Giovanna Biscontin, Giuseppe Scasserra, Paolo Tommasi, Alessandro
Pagliaroli, Francesco Silvestri, Anna d'Onofrio, Crescenzo Violante, Armando Lucio
Simonelli, Rodolfo Puglia, George Mylonakis, George Athanasopoulos, Vasil Vlahakis,
Jonathan P. Stewart

Page: 206-339
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International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories
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ISSN # 1790-2045
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Paper ID: IJGCH_1_4_2

Title: Case studies of prediction of excavation response using learned excavation

Authors: Abdolreza Osouli, Youssef M. A. Hashash

Page: 340-366
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_4_3

Title: Evaluation of EURIPIDES pile load tests response from CPT data

Authors: Fawad S. Niazi, Paul W. Mayne

Page: 367-386
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