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Paper ID: IJGCH_1_3_1

Title: Discussion of: "Design Process of Deep Soil Mixed Walls for Excavation
by Casandra J. Rutherford, Giovanna Biscontin, Demetrious Koutsoftas, and
Jean-Louis Briaud, Volume 1, Issue #2, pp. 56-72.

Authors: Thomas D. Richards Jr.

Page: 154-155
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International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories
Issue # 3 Table of Contents
ISSN # 1790-2045
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Title: Leaning Tower of Pisa: Behaviour after Stabilization Operations  

Authors: John B. Burland, Michele B. Jamiolkowski, Carlo Viggiani

Page: 156-169
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_3_4

Title: Reconstruction of Konstantinovsky Palace in a Suburb of Saint Petersburg

Authors: Vladimir M. Ulitsky, Alexey G. Shashkin, Constantin G. Shashkin, Michael B.

Page: 189-205
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Paper ID: IJGCH_1_3_3

Title: The Washington Monument Case History

Authors: Jean-Louis Briaud, Brad Smith, Keun-Young Rhee, Hugh Lacy, Jennifer Nicks

Page: 170-188
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