Technical Papers:
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_1_1

Title: Foreword

Authors: Jonathan D. Bray, George A. Athanasopoulos, Richard Bathurst, Brenda
Myers Bohlke, Heinz Brandl, John Christian, Luiz Guilherme de Mello, Thomas Doe,
Michael Duncan, See Sew Gue, Mary Ellen Hynes, Rolf Katzenbach, Edward
Kavazanjian, Demetrious Koutsoftas, Suzanne Lacasse, Paul G. Marinos, Paul W.
Mayne, Norbert R. Morgenstern, Kok Kwang Phoon, Harry Poulos, Alan Powderham,
Shamsher Prakash, Miguel P. Romo, Raymond B. Seed, Kohji Tokimatsu, William Van
Impe, Dimitris P. Zekkos

Page: 1-3
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_1_2

Title: Website for geotechnical case histories

Author: Ralph B. Peck

Page: 4
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_1_3

Title: Unexpected but foreseeable mat settlements on Piedmont residuum

Author: Paul W. Mayne

Page: 5-17
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_1_4

Title: A geocomposite barrier for hydrocarbon containment in the Arctic

Author: Richard J. Bathurst, R. Kerry Rowe, Barbara Zeeb, Ken Reimer

Page: 18-34
Paper ID: IJGCH_1_1_5

Title: An open-pit coalmine surcharged by artesian water pressure

Author: Marta Dolezalova, Ivo Hladik, Vlasta Zemanova

Page: 35-55
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