Each submission should include:

  1. 1-page submission form.  Download the submission form.

  2. Copyright release form (to be e-mailed with other electronic documents and then mailed separately). Download the copyright release form.

  3. The formatted text with embedded figures and tables.
    a.    To submit a paper, the submitted manuscript should be prepared
           using the formatted template of the manuscripts.

           Download the template
    b.    To submit a discussion, the submitted manuscript should be        
           prepared using the template of discussions.
           Download the template.
    c.    To submit a response to a discussion, the submitted manuscript
           should be prepared using the template of response to
           discussions. Download the template.

  4. The excel datasheet that includes the data presented in the figures in digital format.

  5. Optional: Material to be included in the additional web-space such as photos, maps, figures and more data. This part is not required but is available for authors that would like a place to host and distribute information on the case history.

Read the submission guidelines for more information. Submissions not following the submission guidelines will be rejected. The guidelines for manuscript submission are available in pdf format (file updated 02/2011).

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