The goals of this effort are multi-fold:

Areas of Interest

The “International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories” covers the broad area of practice in geoengineering. Particularly, topics related to the following categories are of interest:

  1. Soil Mechanics

  2. Engineering Geology

  3. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

  4. Soil Dynamics

  5. Geoenvironmental Engineering

  6. Deep and Shallow foundations

  7. Retaining structures

  8. Deep Excavations

  9. Rock Mechanics

  10. Tunneling

  11. Underground structures

  12. Applications of Geosynthetics

  13. Landslides and Slope Stabilization

  14. Dam engineering and embankments

  15. Special Geotechnical Structures

  16. Forensic engineering

  17. Applications of Constitutive Modelling

  18. Landfill engineering

  19. Reconnaissance of Natural Disasters

  20. Geotechnical Aspects of Monuments and Historic Sites

Papers on well-documented case histories with emphasis on observations and data collected during and after project construction are invited. The journal aims to become an efficient mean of publishing and distributing high quality data from research and construction projects by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the internet.

Reviewed manuscripts will be published both on the internet and in print. The data will be classified to create a high-quality international database of geoengineering information that will be easily accessible and searchable to all interested parties.

The International Journal and Database has all the positive characteristics that current journals have but also brings many new ones that will make an important contribution to our Profession. Click to the left to read why this effort is so different and why you would like to have your paper published here.

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International Journal and Database of Geoengineering Case Histories
Mission and Areas of Interest