What is so different in this journal compared to others?
It is practice-oriented, high quality, free, coloured, publication, accompanied by a digital database. For more details click here.

Why should I submit a case history to this journal instead of somewhere else?
Because this is the place to submit a case history journal. Your manuscript is going to gain much more exposure than anywhere else by many ways, it is always going to be easy to find, it is going to be reviewed faster than other journals. Also publication in this journal is flexible, we can even create a website with additional material for your project. For more reasons click here.

Is this journal included in the various databases? Do papers published in this journals count towards tenure?
The International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories is indexed by GEOREF, the main index of journals in geosciences. Applications have been submitted to include the journal to additional databases such as COMPENDEX etc. Thus, all papers published in this journal will count as publications towards tenure.

How do you guarantee the quality of the publication?
Our Editorial Board consists of an outstanding group of geoengineers that are responsible for the review of the submitted manuscripts and will guarantee the quality of the publication. In addition, because there is no subscription, we are not anxious to publish a new issue unless we feel that the manuscripts meet our quality standards. Our intention is to publish a new issue every time papers of adequate quality have met our review standards and can make a useful contribution to the geoengineering profession.

How does the International Journal of Case Histories provide more exposure to
any paper published than other journals?

  1. Because it is high quality and free, the Case Histories Journal is the first place practitioners and researchers are going to look for. They can easily find your paper and download it anytime. This is not true for other journals. Most of the journals are not accessible (or are accessible with a costly fee) by practitioners and even  researchers.

  2. Your paper, is going to be searchable by search engines.

  3. A summary of your paper, along with the papers of the same issue, is going to be announced and distributed through the Journal's newsletter and the Geoengineer Newsletter. Currently, there are more than 7,000 individuals subscribed to the Journal's and Geoengineer.org's mailing databases and this number keeps increasing steadily.

Why do you do this? How do you cover the costs?
Read the foreword in the first issue of our journal. We do this because we believe in the importance of case histories, in the need for integration of research and practice, the urgent need for a free, high quality tool for the practitioner and the researcher. This journal was created by geoengineers with the purpose to serve our Profession. The costs for the operation of the journal are covered by advertising/sponsoring in the main pages of the website. Our intention is to cover our costs and not the profit.

Should I advertise through the Case Histories Journal?
Yes, if you want to have an efficient advertising program. The advertising costs in the journal are very low, as in the Geongineer.org website which hosts the journal. The Geoengineer website has more than 11,000 visitors per month, while the costs for a banner is very low. This is again because our intention is only to cover the costs of our projects, not the profit. For more click here.

You have more questions to ask?
Contact us.

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